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Please note that all dolls are hand finished here in the Kingdom Doll Studio. With our Convention rapidly approaching (and all the necessary work this involves), we have decided to sell Athena in two batches. The first 35 selected emails will have the opportunity to purchase Athena in full for immediate shipping. The following 35 will be asked for half the purchase price with the balance plus shipping to be paid prior to shipping following Convention at the end of October.


email us at on Sunday September 9th at 6pm (UK TIME) 


Only one email per person, all multiples will be discarded and please only send your email at 6pm and not before. We will endeavour to respond to all successful purchases within a few hours, however please bare in mind this is a very lengthy process so please be patient if you do not hear from us straight away. No sales are complete until receipt of payment. Please also do take the time to review our terms and conditions.

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Electra will be sold via email please follow the instructions listed below:

Emails to be sent on Saturday 28th July at 6pm (UK TIME) to

(we will only look at emails sent at this time and not earlier)

Electra is a 'Mini Giftset' Limited to 60 pieces costs $850 USD plus postage

The opportunity to purchase Electra will be given to every 3rd email until she is sold out.  eg: email 1,3,6,9,12,15,18, etc.

Only one email per customer for Electra, please do not send multiple emails.

Important to please note that we will only be able to reply to the lucky customers!.

Thank you very much everyone,  

love Alexandra and Amanda 

Kingdom Doll

BIO: CIA Agent - Athena Washington



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Important please read our terms /conditions pages before purchasing a Kingdom Doll product.