The time has finally come to announce the long anticipated sale of Eden, the third in our series of Atelier dressed dolls and the final outing of the Demetae sculpt for at least a year! Named after Cornwall’s Eden Project, which houses the world’s largest indoor rainforest, Eden is our own playful tribute to the important relationship man has with plants.

Roman Bronze coloured resin provides the perfect foil for the vibrant makeup palette chosen for Eden. Botanical green shades of deep juniper, zesty lime and soft pistachio frame her eyes which are the palest green of fresh spring grass. A high pink blush sweeps her tanned cheeks whilst a delicate cherry blossom pink glosses her lips. Her hair is an ornate pompadour confection of candy pink blended with blonde, providing a 360° feast for the eyes!

Eden captures all the decadence, indulgence and otherworldly qualities of the eighteenth century French court whilst retaining a modernity echoing current fashion trends. Dressed in an extravagantly billowing pink toile du joey strapless gown with a subtle hi-low hemline allowing viewers a glimpse of her origami grass green heeled mule slippers. Finally her jewellery maybe our most spectacular yet! Chandelier earrings adorn her in an opulent combination of gold and pink whilst a collar of pink “pearls” encircle her neck, the highlight of which is the gold framed teardrop faceted Swarovski crystal. A pink crystal and golden bead cuff bracelet completes her suite of jewellery. 

To complement her idyllically pastoral appearance, Eden has a wealth of essential accessories. Her sculpted resin shepherd’s crook has been given a hand painted finish to mimic the burred appearance of wood and her handbag appears to be a florist’s aluminium bucket filled with pink flowers. A woven shallow basket is lined in moss and filled with such delights as a hand tied bouquet of pink roses and fresh greenery, speckled and white hen’s eggs, a key to her secret garden, tiny gardening scissors to cut her flowers, a jar of honey with a golden bee motif and a wicker heart.

Finally Eden has three extra pairs of hands in addition to her classic hands; pink dressing hands, pink “gloved” pose hands and stiletto nailed hands which are exclusive to the Demetae sculpt.


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Eden will be sold via email please follow the instructions listed below:
Only one email per customer for Eden, please do not send multiple emails.

Emails to be sent at 6pm (UK TIME) to info@kingdomdoll.co.uk

(we will only look at emails sent at this time and not earlier)

Eden Limited to 35 pieces costs $925 USD plus postage

The opportunity to purchase Eden will be given to every 3rd email until she is sold out.  eg: email 1,3,6,9,12,15,18, etc.

Important to please note that we will only be able to reply to the lucky customers!.


Thank you very much everyone,  Alexandra and Amanda 


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