• Morgana
  • Draig
  • ​Seren
  • Marconi
  • Envy
  • Duchess 
  • Demetae (model)
  • ​Eden (Spring 2018)


  • Nelson
  • Brighton
  • Hadrian
  • ​Brunel
  • Aquitaine OOAK
  • ​Deynas (model)
  • Igraine OOAK​
  • ​Elgin
  • ​Siddle (model)
  • ​2018
  • Avarice
  • Sévérine Frost (TBA)
  • Monarchy 2018
  • Monarchy 2018

  • Guinevere​
  • ​Helen
  • Vanbrugh 
  • ​Logan 
  • Carvetii (model)



  • ​Athena (Summer 2018)
  • ​Destiny (TBA)
  • Desire (TBA)
  • Monarchy 2018
  • Savile
  • Viola
  • ​Nimue


  • Orbit
  • Star
  • Hera 00AK


  • ​Electra (Summer 2018)
  • ​Dante (Model)
  • Brigantia
  • Holly
  • Arnamentia​


  • Eira
  • Liberty
  • Noelle


  • ​Monarchy 2018

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  • Cinnamon

       exclusive sculpt

       for Liberty Event.

  • Chaucer
  • Dauphine
  • Elan (model)








Alexandra  and  Amanda  (Kingdom Doll)

All enquires should be addressed to info@kingdomdoll.co.uk

If you missed any of our previous dolls and would like to see them  you can still view them via our archive pages, just click on the banner below for the "The KD Archives". We will keep them updated as a continued reference point for our collectors into the future.

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Here at Kingdom Doll you can find a varied collection of stunning 16" miniature fashion models. Created in a wide range of resin skin tone shades, the collection features head sculpts to reflect the femininity, attitude and independence of the 21st century woman as well as the ethnic diversity which is modern Britain.  Kingdom Doll aspires to be more than just a line of beautiful faces, creating a buildable and eminently wearable wardrobe of statement pieces, classic investment garments, hot runway looks and neutral colored essentials.  Along with some truly amazing accessories, shoes and bags, Kingdom Doll wants to give the collector a doll line they can feel invested in.